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I invite you to find me, through four practices in particular, and what I am in totality. It is up to you to choose among the body, the places, the tales and the maps, the path which will offer to meet us.

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Corps - Laurent Hellot
Lieux - Laurent Hellot



from head to toes

Harmonize sound
shared environment

Contes - Laurent Hellot
Cartes - Laurent Hellot


Be guided
on his life path


Inform your choices
and his desires

  • Accompagnement personnel et universel
    Chemin de vie Guidance Coaching
    Cartomancien tarologue géobiologue chaman
    Arbre de vie échange partage apprentissage
    Guérisseur rebouteux magnétiseur médium spirite
    Activités de la santé humaine : énergéticien et conteur

All of the aforementioned benefits and services cannot replace an examination by a sworn health professional. The present practices and support offered are used in addition to diagnoses established by therapists or practitioners, whose skills have been validated by a State diploma. It remains imperative to continue the dosages and treatments already prescribed by your medical advisor and, failing this, to seek his expertise, following the consultation carried out.

In addition to this, you will need to know more about it.

Meetings and exchanges within the framework of the above-described practices take place on a strictly personal and confidential basis.

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